The Most Interactive Escapes In Atlanta

Can you escape?

Trapped in a Room with a Zombie

Totally fun and full of laughter, Dr. Oxy is still hungry and wants more BRAINS! Every 5 minutes the chain gets longer and it’s up to you and your team to outwit, outrun, and out sing the chained zombie before you become its main course! Get out your thinking caps, comfortable shoes and team-building skills for this hilariously thrilling adventure.

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The Rescue

You awake to find yourself handcuffed and held captive in the depths of Jigsaw’s basement cellar. In his current deceptive scheme, Jigsaw has pit your group against another team to compete for the chance to see who can escape FIRST. It’s survival of the fittest!

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Escape the 80s

It’s 1980-something and tonight you and your gnarly team of super freaks have made the VIP list to the party of the century. You’ll need to complete the challenges, solve the riddles and beat the DJ before you find yourselves Trapped in the 80’s FOREVER!

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“This place is amazing. ..Stop what you’re doing and check this place out…the workers are amazing.”
lundy_vanessa, BRYCEVILLE - TripAdvisor
“We had soooo much fun! This is much better than the others I have been to! Go visit and see if you are smarter than a zombie!”
jlj557, Atlanta - TripAdvisor


You can find all of the availability for our shows on the ‘Book your ticket‘ page.
We do not offer refunds for no-show, missed showtime or cancellation. We ask that you confirm your booking before making the reservation on our website.
All ticket schedule changes are assessed a $13 fee per ticket. Ticket changes within 3 days of your scheduled time slot are not permitted. You may change the name on your reservation at no additional cost.
Yes! We can bring the fun and excitement to you. Contact us at 404-480-0644 or
Our escape rooms are not created to be scary. Guests rave about how fun and funny the experience is, not about how scared they were. Don’t worry, you will laugh your tail off!
Trapped in a Room with a Zombie fits 12 people in a session and The Donor Room fits 6 people in a session. You may be in a session with other people you do not know. The entire group is on the same team working together to escape.
The participant capacity of each room are listed on their escape room pages. If your team does not fill the room capacity, you may be in a session with other people you do not know. The entire group is on the same team working together to escape.
This depends on your sleuthing skills! If you do not find all the clues and solve the puzzles that unlock the door within 60 minutes, your team loses. Allow one and half hours for the entire session for instruction time, a solution explanation and an analysis of your team building traits.
Wear comfortable shoes! Also, bring your inner Sherlock Holmes and all the sleuthing skills you can muster! The answers to the clues, riddles and puzzles are all in the room. You will be using your ability to look for clues, figure out logic, communicate with the other performers and apply deductive reasoning to escape. Don’t give up! Keep searching for clues. You are going to have to work fast!
Cell phones are not allowed to be used in the room. The use of electronic devices or any outside tools are strictly prohibited and you will immediately be removed from the show if you attempt to use them
The door to the room closes exactly at the time you signed up for. Please arrive 15 – 20 minutes early to make sure you are there before the room is locked. You will not be permitted into the room if you are late. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.
All recommended age levels are listed on each escape room page. Anyone under the age of 18 must fill out a liability release waiver signed by their parent/legal guardian upon arrival (find waiver here). A minimum of one adults must accompany and stay on site with groups of children (including birthday parties) under the age of 13. Infants and toddlers will not be allowed in the room.
We do not recommend this show for women who are pregnant.
To reserve an entire session for your group, you need to purchase all tickets for your desired escape room. Please contact us if there are no session times available and we will create a special session time for you.
If you are a Family Fun Center and would like to have a room escape in your facility or if you would like to start your own room escape business please email
We are always looking for hungry zombies and perky PVGs! If you are interested in acting for us, please submit your resume, headshot, and a brief statement of interest to


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