How it Works:

We will bring these exciting Murder Mystery Escapes to your doorstep!

It’s simple: we bring the actors, story, props and excitement to your gathering, you bring the suspects! Not only is it fun and amusing, it also provides a great opportunity to see how your team performs under pressure.

Murder Mystery:

If you don’t identify and capture the killer in 60 minutes they will strike again.

Lights! Camera! Murder!: After a night of accolades at the Academy Awards Show, you will attend the A-list after-party hosted by millionaire Vanity Affair. While socializing and schmoozing with Hollywood’s elite, careers will be made, secrets will be revealed, scandals will be broken and a homicide will happen.

 Why try this experience:

We’ll bring to your gathering everything necessary to ensure your coworkers and guests have a great time while working together to solve the mystery. Our staff will observe and analyze each participant’s actions during the challenge. Their behavior, decisions, communication style, problem solving abilities, and how they handle pressure will be used to identify their strengths. When employees know and use their strengths in the workplace, they are more engaged, perform better, and report greater job satisfaction.

Age Appropriate:

10+ (under 14 must be accompanied by an adult)

Location and Time:

We will come to you! However, if you need a place to host the event, we will coordinate! The time of the event is totally negotiable.

# of Participants:

10-80 participants

How to reserve your space:

Spcall-us-nfc-tag-lgace is filling fast!!!

Reserve by calling:

(404) 480-0644