The Story:

You’re a team of special agents sent to investigate a chain of recent disappearances.  An anonymous tip leads you to become trapped in the creepy chambers of a madman.  4 surveillance cameras stand before you of hostages being held captive in unknown remote areas across the US. The mission suddenly becomes clear: Save the 4 hostages in order to save yourself! You have 60 minutes to unfold the clues, save each victim and breakout of the chambers before time runs out. Let the games begin.

Can you escape this Saw-like scene unscathed?

Your Role:

You must work in tandem with each victim to unfold the clues and riddles to first save them. This, in turn, will lead you to saving yourself.  Perhaps you will succeed where the others have failed…Life is so precious.

Why Try This Experience:

The Rescue brings about excitement, laughter and ample amounts of adrenaline and forces you to manage yourself efficiently and effectively with others thus creating an amazing team building experience.  You and your team have the opportunity to work together to save yourself from a high-intensity situation.

Age Appropriate:

recommended for 14+ (Not appropriate for children 13 and under)

# of Participants:

2-7 participants